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Who are we


Hi I am Priscella. I live with my family in Sweden. When I was younger I was always riding horses.

Did a lot of competitions together with my mother. 

A few years ago I moved with my family to Sweden. I came in contact with a super nice lady from the Netherlands who breeds mini curly's and fel in love with these beautiful mini horses.

I really like their curly fur and their personality 

I decided to buy my first mini curly stallion. His name is Titan. He is really the sweetest mini curly ever!

He came to Sweden together with 4 beautiful mini mares. Titanium Curly Stables was born.

Curly horses are very special. There are only 200 mini curly's world wide.Their fur is hypoallergenic so people with an allergy can be around curly horses or have a less reaction on them. How special is that. 

The unique gene that gives Curlies their curly hair (which is most obvious with their winter coat) can be expressed minimally (horse exhibits curly hair inside ears, at fetlocks, and a kinky mane and tail), maximally (horse exhibits curl all over body, has dreadlocked mane, and has curly eyelashes and guard hairs) The coat in the summer shows a slight wave in it, but not as extreme as the winter curls. 

If you are not very fond of curls there are also smooth/straight curly mini horses.

Their fur is without curls and very soft. They also hypoallergenic. 

summer fur.jpg


winter fur_edited.jpg


curly eye.jpg


curly oortje_edited.jpg


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